Deposit 100%. Get 150%. Well, well well, it sounds like an offer you dreamt up doesn’t it, but have no fear, we’re here to assure you that it does exist in the real world – the Rummy Central world! Now, as part of the offer, simply deposit amounts ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 20,000 into your Rummy Central account, and get 50% EXTRA added to your account as a bonus

You can get bonuses up to Rs 10,000! So, use the code RC50 on deposits – but hurry, this offer is only valid till the 30th of November, 2018! Click here to get a- depositing today!

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Good friends never keep great things from each other. Now, in keeping with that, why wouldn’t you want to tell your friends about the wonderful, spellbinding and simply exhilarating world of Rummy at Rummy Central?

Refer friends to Rummy Central & you could drive away a Toyota Verna! Gold coins & iPhone Xs on offer too!

What’s more, you can win amazing prizes such as, 1 gram, 5 gram and 10 gram gold coins, iPhone Xs and even a Toyota Verna when you refer friends to Rummy Central. This offer only lasts till the 1st of January, 2019. So, don’t wait any longer – visit this link for more details, and smash that referral button today!

At Rummy Central, we have a strong and reliable reputation of putting our players first. What’s more, we make every effort to delight and surprise our players with some truly stupendous and mind blowing offers! Now with the festival of lights just around the corner, we’re pleased to announce that our Diwali offer is very much in keeping with this. What’s more, we’re sure our players will definitely feel much the same way!

A Diwali offer unlike any other!

Our brilliant Diwali offer is sure to brighten your festivities and the festival of lights quite unlike any other. In fact, the winners of our contest will be invited to a party quite unlike any other, and one that is sure to stay in the memory for all time to come!

Party in Goa with a Brazilian model!

As part of our Diwali Promotion at Rummy Central, we’re offering FIVE of our players the chance to party like there’s no tomorrow in the party part of the country that is Goa! Now, that’s not quite it: we’re also offering them the chance to party with a Brazilian model! Surely, this is definitely a humdinger of a prize!

Diwali Promotion Eligibility

The only thing players have to do to be eligible for this promotion is to deposit cash into their Rummy Central account with the DIWALI bonus code. After this, if they are amongst the TOP FIVE players with the most wagering points, they will get to party in Goa with a Brazilian model!

Guaranteed Surprise Gift!

Hold on, there’s more! Now, there’s even a Surprise Gift on offer as part of our Diwali promotion! In order to be eligible for the Surprise Gift, the players simply have to deposit cash at least three times with the bonus code DIWALI, and they are sure to win a guaranteed surprise gift!

Bonuses too!

We’re not done quite yet – for there are some simply splendid bonuses on offer as well, as part of our Diwali Promotion! Now, if players deposit cash ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 20,000, they will get bonuses amounting to as much as 20% of the deposit amount (Use Code DIWALI) !  For more information about the bonuses, please take a look at the table below:

DIWALI 5% Rs.500/-   to   Rs.5000/-
DIWALI 10% Rs.5001/-   to   Rs.10000/-
DIWALI 15% Rs10001-   to   Rs.15000/-
DIWALI 20% Rs.15001-   to   Rs.20,000


Now, let’s take the opportunity to wish one and all a very happy and fulfilling Diwali! In addition, we invite you to join in our grand Diwali celebrations at Rummy Central, and you could even win big!

So get a-depositing and get a-playing today, and it could be you partying in Goa with a Brazilian model!

For more information about Rummy Central as well as Rummy Central’s fabulous Diwali offer, please visit


At Rummy Central, we take great care and pride in providing our users with a best-in-class playing experience. Moreover, everything else we do flows out from this caveat. Take our wide rage of games for instance – we have all the games you could possibly need on our website and on our apps. In addition, our regularly held tournaments are designed to delight and provide a heightened and thrill-a-minute experience and environment.

The player is at the heart of all our activities

This sentiment is also perfectly played out in our use of technology, and its deep integration into our platform. As such, we are  pioneering the use of technology, and this includes Artificial Intelligence, Smart Correction and even Auto-Play. Another great example of us as a company putting the player at the very heart of all our activities can be seen in our continued dedication to provide simply incredible promotions and offers. Some of these offers also have a distinct golden glow, as you will discover in this next section.

Gold coins galore – use code GOLD

It’s gold coins galore time at Rummy Central once more! Now, all Rummy players have to do to stand a chance to win real gold coins is to simply wager the whole deposited amount with the GOLD promo code at Rummy Central. After this, the top three players with the most wager points will go home from the contest with shimmering gold coins!

Everyone wins with our cashback offer!

In keeping with our constant efforts to ensure that everyone has a delightful experience at Rummy Central, we also present all our players with an amazing cashback offer as well. For this, the only thing players need to do is to use the promo code GOLD on deposits, and they will receive a cashback of 20% on their deposit amount. Now, this way, no one ever truly loses at Rummy Central, in fact everyone feels like a winner with our 20% cashback offer!

So, go ahead and log on to Rummy Central and experience our simply fabulous and breathtaking range of Rummy games in person! Also, never miss out on the opportunity to play more and win more with our regular offers at Rummy Central!

For more information about Rummy Central and to find out more about our great gold coin and cashback offers, log onto, or download our apps for Android and iOS devices today.

Incredible 50%+15% Bonus offer – Code BONUS50

“Life is like box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Yes, it’s that now famous line from the movie Forrest Gump, and ne’er a truer word was spoken. So much so, we don’t quite know what each day has in store for us, it may be good, not so good, so-so, or heaven forbid – bad!

Therefore in life, we shouldn’t ever dwell on the bad times, or even try to affect or change things and situations that our well beyond our control. Instead, we should always know the things we can influence, and the things which are indeed out of our hands – this will give us an action plan of sorts on how to face up to life. More importantly, this can stop us worrying about things that we cannot do anything about. No one, but no one, has added a single hour to his or her life by worrying, and so, you shouldn’t either. Therefore, we should take life head on, enjoy the good times for what they are, and grab each opportunity that comes our way with both hands!

So, pull out all the stops, go all out, and live your life to the fullest today! Hey, you only live once, and never forget that!

Rummy Central-MobiKwik SuperCash offer

Now, that’s just why you should take advantage of the Rummy Central-MobiKwik SuperCash offer today! This offer is almost too good to be true, and offers like this never swing by every day!

50%+15% Bonus offer! – Use code BONUS50

As part of the incredible Rummy Central-MobiKwik SuperCash offer you get a simply unbelievable 50% instant bonus when you use the promo code BONUS50 on deposits! Hang on for a minute though, there’s more – 15% more to be exact. Now, you also get an additional 15% of your deposit amount as Supercash when you make a deposit through MobiKwik. We told you it’s almost too good to be true, didn’t we?

This offer lasts only till the 31st of October, so don’t miss out on all the thrilling Rummy action and the Rummy Central-MobiKwik SuperCash offer! Rediscover your zest for life, grab this opportunity and everything other opportunity that comes your way. Soon, you will discover that your life is much fuller and richer from the experience. Don’t just exist – live!


Here’s wishing you all a great deal of joy and happiness at Ganesh Chathurthi and beyond – from our family at Rummy Central, to yours! We hope this time is filled with wild celebrations, great gatherings with friends and family, some dainty and tasty morsels, and much more!

At this time, as we await new and glorious beginnings, we should be mindful of new adventures and opportunities that present themselves, and be prepared to grab them with both hands! It’s also a good time to decide once and for all to embrace life for all it has to offer. Let’s pull out all the stops, and live our lives to the fullest. We will be richer and more rounded from the experience. Some crazy paths lead to wonderful and life affirming things!

On the subject of new and exciting opportunities, you might want to get stuck into our Super Deposit Marathon offer!

Rummy Central’s Super Deposit Marathon – Rs. 50K Cash prize

Super Deposit Marathon time is here! Now, you stand to win cash prizes amounting to a mind- blowing Rs. 50,000! All you have to do is deposit cash between September 14th and 24th – if you are amongst our top 10 winners, you could go home with cash prizes totalling up to Rs. 50, 000! Winners will be announced on September 25th!

Cash Back offers & Bonuses too!

Hold up, there are some incredible cash back offers and bonuses to be had too! Just deposit cash at Rummy Central with the required promo codes. Read on for more details:

  • Use the code FREECASH1 for deposits ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 for a cash back of 5% and a Bonus of 10%
  • Use the code FREECASH2 for deposits ranging from Rs. 5001 to Rs. 10,000 for a cash back of 10% and a Bonus of 10%
  • Use the code FREECASH3 for deposits ranging from Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 15,000 for a cash back of 15% and a Bonus of 10%
  • Use the code FREECASH4 for deposits ranging from Rs. 15,001 to Rs. 20,000 for a cash back of 20% and a Bonus of 10%

So, go on and deposit cash today, and give yourself the chance to strike it rich with our Super Deposit Marathon. Also, keep your dial locked onto Rummy Central for more stupendous offers!

Most of the year has passed us by, and the glorious month of September is finally upon us. This September, not unlike the ones before it, promises very little as far as the weather is concerned – in fact, it may be sunny, or rainy, or indeed anything in between. Now, all this uncertainty only adds to the sheer excitement of the month.

September is also the month for teachers, given that the 5th of the month is designated as Teacher’s day. Now, I’m sure you’ll join me in recognising that just one day designated and dedicated to this most noble of professions is just nowhere enough. It is them who have guided our paths, shaped our ideas, planted the seeds of creativity and have moulded us, and so many like us into good human beings. Teachers – we salute you – all through this month, and beyond!

September Bonanza at Rummy Central!

Now, we’d be lying if we said that that was all there was to celebrate and get excited about this September. Why is that, you say? Well, it all has to do with Rummy Central’s September Bonanza!

Instant cash back offers for instant delight!

At Rummy Central, we pride ourselves in providing delight and excitement in the here and now, and our September Bonanza offers are right in line with this. Now, when you deposit cash at Rummy Central, you can get an instant cash back of up to Rs. 2,000! No, there’s absolutely no need to pinch yourself, it’s completely true! In order to get the instant cash back, use the code FREECASH on deposits, and you’ll be well on your way to a world of excitement, thrills and more!

Look at the table below for our complete list of offers as part of our September Bonanza.

Cash Back Deposit
100 500-1500
300 1501-3000
600 3001-7000
900 7001-12000
1200 12001-17000
2000 17001-20K


Well, there’s no time quite like the present, so what’s keeping you? Log on to the Rummy Central website or the Rummy Central apps for Android and iOS devices today, and get right into the very heart of the Rummy action! What’s more, you can even win more with our fantastic September Bonanza instant cash back offers! Don’t forget to use the code FREECASH, and make September 2018 a September to remember!

It’s all too easy to get into a routine that’s dictated to us by our work or educational lifestyle. That said, there’s not much anyone can do about it, especially if you’re caught up in the 9 to 5 grind. What’s more, it’s important to note that Sundays play a crucial role in this routine, this role being, to provide for some ‘me’ time or simply some time set aside where we are allowed to kickback and relax.

Sometimes, however, as you may have discovered yourself, there can be too much relaxation, don’t you think? What’s more, in times like these, especially in the midst of a lazy Sunday, you’re heart, mind, and indeed every fibre of your being is crying out for some excitement, entertainment and exhilaration. Sadly, however, most often than not, we are unable to fulfill this urge, and the Sunday passes listlessly by, and remains almost as unproductive as the last, and the one before that.

Not anymore, however, coz we at Rummy Central have hit upon just the thing to add that generous bit of zing and fizz back into your Sunday! Yes, you guessed it, it’s Rummy Central’s Super Sunday offer! It’s a Sunday offer unlike any other, and it’s now available to you at Rummy Central!

Super Sunday Instant Cashback offer!

Rummy Central has a complete suite of thrilling, enthralling and entertaining Rummy Games to help you successfully cast aside the boredom and ennui of a ho-hum Sunday with aplomb. Wait a minute – now that’s not all we have on offer! Thanks to our Super Sunday Instant Cashback promotion, players on Rummy Central also get an instant 20% cashback on deposits on Sundays! All you have to do is to use the bonus code SUNDAY20 on deposits to get an instant 20% cashback. Wow, it’s almost too good to be true. However, it is all completely true, so get a-depositing and get a-playing! It’s a Sunday offer unlike any other at Rummy Central!

So, break out of your stupor on a Sunday, crack open your laptop or desktop, or even open up your iOS or Android device on Sundays, and take advantage of Rummy Central’s stellar offer. It’s the very thing you’ve been waiting for. Now, each Sunday will invariably be packed with unbridled excitement, energy, thrills and heart-stopping action, and it’s all thanks to Rummy Central’s Super Sunday Cashback offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into the action every Sunday on the Rummy Central site or the Rummy Central apps for Android and iOS devices, and use the bonus code SUNDAY20 on deposits to get an instant 20% cashback! It’s that simple and that easy. Now, Sundays will never ever be the same again! So go ahead and make every Sunday a day to remember!

Happy Janmashtami from all of us here at Rummy Central! We hope all you have a superb time celebrating this festival with great gusto and pomp, and in the company of close friends and family. Have a fabulous day!

This Janmashtami, why not do something new? Or simply kick off something new? You could do something good – for instance, sponsor a child, contribute to worthy Ketto cause, or contribute clothes and other items to charity. You could even visit an old people’s home or an orphanage and add some happiness and joy to their day. Besides this, you could even meet an old friend you haven’t met in a while, an elderly relative, or revive a flagging relationship. That aside, you could make a resolution to quit something, join a gym, or even pledge to spend more time with the family.

Celebrate Janmashtami with Rummy Central

Speaking of doing something new, why not celebrate this wonderful festival with some fantastic Rummy games at Rummy Central. We offer a complete suite of exciting games and tournaments, making for an all-round exhilarating and wonderful experience. You can even take the game with you everywhere you go, thanks to the Rummy Central apps for Android and iOS devices.

Great Janmashtami bonus offers at Rummy Central!

Hang on, that’s not all! This Janmashtami, we’ve also got some fabulous bonus offers just for you! These offers will make the day even better, and the celebrations even sweeter! Now, you can even get a 35% bonus on deposits! Read on for more details!

Fantastic bonus offers for you!

Now, you will get a whopping 35% bonus on deposits of Rs. 10,000 and above when you use the code GET35. Wait, there’s more, now use the code GET30 on deposits ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 9,999 for a mind blowing bonus of 30%. We’re not done yet, when you use the code GET20 on deposits ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 4,999 you will get a fabulous bonus of 20%. So, go ahead and deposit more, and get bigger bonuses!

So what are you waiting for, add some Rummy games and Rummy winnings to make the occasion sweeter! Happy Janmashtami, again!

Rakhi and the celebrations that surround it, are a great time and occasion to recognise and celebrate the sense of bonding between brothers and sisters in the family. On this occasion, all of us at Rummy Central take this opportunity to wish you all a great time this Rakhi season and beyond!

In the wider context, it gives each of us pause for thought, as we can easily extend this concept and emotion of brotherhood and sisterhood further. Likewise, we can put this sentiment into action, and more importantly, direct it towards everyone else. Therefore, this Rakhi season, we beseech you to go one step further, or even a couple of steps further – indeed, why not extend this feeling of brotherhood, sisterhood, oneness and unity toward all our fellow man?

It is a new beginning, and a chance for us to get to know other people – irrespective of whether they are bonded to us by blood, creed, religion, region or several other man made constructs. These constructs should be broken down and shattered, and soon we will discover that each of us are indeed the same, and are one big human family. We all experience the same joys, fears, pain, excitement, sorrows, emotions, euphoria and much more. So now, let’s embrace one and another wholeheartedly, and break down these things that divide us in the true spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Rakhi promotions at Rummy Central

In celebration of the feeling of oneness, brotherhood and unity during this Rakhi season, we at Rummy Central have got into the spring of things, and have many wonderful promotions in store for all our brothers and sisters.

Win gold coins!

Play more and win more at Rummy Central, and get the chance to win actual, real gold coins! Now. simply wager the whole deposited amount with the RAKHI code at Rummy Central, and if you are amongst the top three with the most wager points, you will walk away with a shiny gold coin! Yes, you heard right. So, go ahead and make a deposit today!

Bonus & Cashback offers

Wait, that’s not all, however – there are also some truly mind blowing bonuses and cashback offers for all our customers this Rakhi season, as well! All the details are below.

  1. Use the code Rakhi1 on deposits ranging from Rs. 500-1,999 and get a Bonus of 12% and a

Cashback of 20%

  1. Use the code Rakhi2 on deposits ranging from Rs. 2,000-3,999 and get a Bonus of 14% and a Cashback of 15%
  2. Use the code Rakhi3 on deposits ranging from Rs. 4,000-7,499 and get a Bonus of 16% and a Cashback of 10%
  3. Use the code Rakhi4 on deposits ranging from Rs. 7,500-10,000 and get a Bonus of 18% and a Cashback of 10%

Once again, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our players a happy Rakhi season!