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Be bold & win gold at Rummy Central’s Dhan Varsha offer!

Rummy Central’s Dhan Varsha offer is here to add a decidedly golden aura to your Diwali celebrations!

Rummy Central’s Dhan Varsha offer!

Now, don’t miss the chance to win a 1 gram gold coin with total deposits between Rs. 18, 000 and Rs. 20, 000. But hang on, that’s not all, you could also win a 0.5 gram gold coin on total deposits between Rs. 12,000 and 17,999. We’re not done yet, deposits of Rs. 11, 999 and below will get you an amazing 10% bonus too! Remember to use the ‘RCDIWALI’. bonus code with all deposits.

So, go ahead and deposit cash today for the chance to win gold coins, and avail of our splendid 10% cashback offer!

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