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Independence day is a great way to celebrate, commemorate and remember the many freedoms we enjoy today. Many of these freedoms we now take for granted, were not available to our forefathers, and we have them to thank for our independence. It is thanks to their trials, tribulations and struggles that we now are truly free!

While we celebrate, we should ensure that we continue to protect the freedoms that our forefathers, the freedom fighters, strived to deliver for us. In so doing, we ensure that our children and the generations that follow us are presented with the same privileges and freedoms that we possess and enjoy. Even more so as a democracy, and a vibrant one at that, the onus is on us as citizens to protect and preserve the independence each of us enjoy. So let’s rise up as one, and defend the rights and freedoms of all the citizens of India, and the citizens of the world at large! We can then all celebrate as one!

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Independence day bonus offer – code FREEDOM

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