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Rakhi and the celebrations that surround it, are a great time and occasion to recognise and celebrate the sense of bonding between brothers and sisters in the family. On this occasion, all of us at Rummy Central take this opportunity to wish you all a great time this Rakhi season and beyond!

In the wider context, it gives each of us pause for thought, as we can easily extend this concept and emotion of brotherhood and sisterhood further. Likewise, we can put this sentiment into action, and more importantly, direct it towards everyone else. Therefore, this Rakhi season, we beseech you to go one step further, or even a couple of steps further – indeed, why not extend this feeling of brotherhood, sisterhood, oneness and unity toward all our fellow man?

It is a new beginning, and a chance for us to get to know other people – irrespective of whether they are bonded to us by blood, creed, religion, region or several other man made constructs. These constructs should be broken down and shattered, and soon we will discover that each of us are indeed the same, and are one big human family. We all experience the same joys, fears, pain, excitement, sorrows, emotions, euphoria and much more. So now, let’s embrace one and another wholeheartedly, and break down these things that divide us in the true spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Rakhi promotions at Rummy Central

In celebration of the feeling of oneness, brotherhood and unity during this Rakhi season, we at Rummy Central have got into the spring of things, and have many wonderful promotions in store for all our brothers and sisters.

Win gold coins!

Play more and win more at Rummy Central, and get the chance to win actual, real gold coins! Now. simply wager the whole deposited amount with the RAKHI code at Rummy Central, and if you are amongst the top three with the most wager points, you will walk away with a shiny gold coin! Yes, you heard right. So, go ahead and make a deposit today!

Bonus & Cashback offers

Wait, that’s not all, however – there are also some truly mind blowing bonuses and cashback offers for all our customers this Rakhi season, as well! All the details are below.

  1. Use the code Rakhi1 on deposits ranging from Rs. 500-1,999 and get a Bonus of 12% and a

Cashback of 20%

  1. Use the code Rakhi2 on deposits ranging from Rs. 2,000-3,999 and get a Bonus of 14% and a Cashback of 15%
  2. Use the code Rakhi3 on deposits ranging from Rs. 4,000-7,499 and get a Bonus of 16% and a Cashback of 10%
  3. Use the code Rakhi4 on deposits ranging from Rs. 7,500-10,000 and get a Bonus of 18% and a Cashback of 10%

Once again, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our players a happy Rakhi season!

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