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Easy Guide To Complete Registration & Cash Deposit At RummyCentral

Any game can turn all the more interesting with the injection of some excitement. What’s more, nothing adds excitement to a game quite like the addition of money. As such, the prospect of winning some cold hard cash invariably raises the stakes and interest levels of the players by several notches. As you will be sure to discover for yourself, this holds true for rummy as well, and playing rummy online. Furthemore, at this juncture, we’d like to add that playing rummy for cash online is perfectly legal and safe, whether on laptops and desktops at, the Rummy Central mobile site, as well as on the Rummy Central App, you are sure to have loads of action packed fun.

Playing Rummy at Rummy Central is Just a Couple of Steps Away!

Before you put your money on the line and your skills to the test by entering the ever entertaining, exciting and invigorating online rummy world at, there are a few little mandatory steps you and every player has to complete. Both these steps are fairly routine and simple, and this blog post will tell you how to complete these steps quickly and easily. First up is the registration process, and this will be followed by the cash process. Now, let’s get started with the Registration Process.

The Registration Process

Before you begin to play rummy online, please do complete the registration process by creating an account with us. For this, visit our homepage and provide us with the following details:

  1. Your chosen username
  2. A password
  3. Your personal valid email ID

Alternatively, you can also provide us with your Google Plus account details to create a Rummy Central account. Please note that creating an account with us is absolutely free, and you can create an account with us on desktops, laptops, our mobile site or even on our app.

This completes the registration process! You will now notice that your account has been credited with a joining bonus of Rs 500. Now, you can proceed to play practice games at the lobby to sharpen your skills and get better at the game (with no cash won or lost). If you choose to enter the practice game arena, there are a few game variants to choose from, such as:

  1. Deals Rummy
  2. Points Rummy
  3. 101 Pool Rummy
  4. 201 Pool Rummy

If you are new to the game, do not worry. Simply look through our blog for posts on how to play rummy – these will explain the intricacies of the game to you in some detail. After this, you can spend some time learning all the nuances of the game with some practice games. This will give you a ‘hands on experience’ of playing rummy online.

Now, if you are a seasoned campaigner, on the other hand, you are definitely welcome to skip the practice games altogether and proceed to play for cash straight away. However, before this, you will have to complete the simple Cash Process.

The Cash Process 

Completing the mandatory cash process enables you to enter the exciting world of playing rummy for cash, and who are you kidding, that’s ultimately what you’re here for in the first place! So complete this quick process, and give yourself the chance of getting in on some great rummy action! Before that, you will have to add cash to your account, this process below will tell you how to do just that.

Step 1:

Click the “My Account” button, or when in the game lobby, push the “Add Cash Instantly” button

Step 2:

Choose the “Add Cash” option (This will enable you to add cash to your account)

Step 3:

Fill in your contact information, including your name in full, date of birth, your address, zip code, and phone number. After this, you will be presented with our Terms of Service. Please read through this carefully and then press “Submit” before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4:

On the next screen, you can enter any amount, ranging from Rs. 25 to Rs. 5000 to add to your Rummy Central account. If you have a promo code, please provide it at this point for additional benefits. You can always check our prevalent promotions by visiting the “Promotions” tab on our site or on the app.

Step 5:

Now, choose the mode of payment you want to use to complete the transaction, your options are – Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash Card. Once this is done, choose the mode of payment you would like to use to proceed with this transaction.

Step 6:

After choosing your mode of payment, you will be presented with card details (as dictated by the mode of payment you had selected in the previous step) – do duly fill this up. Now, click on the “Add Cash” button. This action will add cash to your Rummy Central account.

Step 7:

Now, that your cash has been added to your RummyCentral account, you can proceed to the game lobby and play rummy for cash on our website and/or app.

So there you go, as you can see from the steps above, these processes are very simple to complete. So do go ahead and complete them quickly, as this will enable you to play for cash on the RummyCentral website and/or app.

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