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Most of the year has passed us by, and the glorious month of September is finally upon us. This September, not unlike the ones before it, promises very little as far as the weather is concerned – in fact, it may be sunny, or rainy, or indeed anything in between. Now, all this uncertainty only adds to the sheer excitement of the month.

September is also the month for teachers, given that the 5th of the month is designated as Teacher’s day. Now, I’m sure you’ll join me in recognising that just one day designated and dedicated to this most noble of professions is just nowhere enough. It is them who have guided our paths, shaped our ideas, planted the seeds of creativity and have moulded us, and so many like us into good human beings. Teachers – we salute you – all through this month, and beyond!

September Bonanza at Rummy Central!

Now, we’d be lying if we said that that was all there was to celebrate and get excited about this September. Why is that, you say? Well, it all has to do with Rummy Central’s September Bonanza!

Instant cash back offers for instant delight!

At Rummy Central, we pride ourselves in providing delight and excitement in the here and now, and our September Bonanza offers are right in line with this. Now, when you deposit cash at Rummy Central, you can get an instant cash back of up to Rs. 2,000! No, there’s absolutely no need to pinch yourself, it’s completely true! In order to get the instant cash back, use the code FREECASH on deposits, and you’ll be well on your way to a world of excitement, thrills and more!

Look at the table below for our complete list of offers as part of our September Bonanza.

Cash Back Deposit
100 500-1500
300 1501-3000
600 3001-7000
900 7001-12000
1200 12001-17000
2000 17001-20K


Well, there’s no time quite like the present, so what’s keeping you? Log on to the Rummy Central website or the Rummy Central apps for Android and iOS devices today, and get right into the very heart of the Rummy action! What’s more, you can even win more with our fantastic September Bonanza instant cash back offers! Don’t forget to use the code FREECASH, and make September 2018 a September to remember!

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