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There’s nothing like a rainy monsoon day, is there? The rain making music with everything it falls on, while making the air clean, pure and fresh in the process. What’s more, the earth, and everything on it feels refreshed and rejuvenated everytime the monsoon swings by. When you pause to think about it however, in some ways, it’s even better to be inside and indoors, out of the fury of the wind and rain, and safely tucked away from some of the confusion and chaos the monsoon often causes.

However, being stuck indoors on a rainy monsoon day has its own troubles. It is bound to get get a bit boring after a while, and there’s only so much television you can watch or music you can listen to while being cooped up indoors. What you need in times like these is a great game you can play from the comfort of your own place on your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone. This will help pass the test time, and keep you entertained all day long.

There are a fair few games online that are entertaining and engaging. In our experience, however, there’s none better than a game of Rummy! Even better, in our opinion, nothing comes close to playing Rummy online on the Rummy Central site or the Rummy Central app for Android and iOS devices. Here you will find a huge range of Indian Rummy games, including, Pools Rummy (101, 201 & Best of 3), Points and Strike Rummy and Deals Rummy (Best of 2 & Best of 6), as well as some truly sensational tournaments.

Now, there’s never been a better time to get stuck into the thrilling world of Rummy. For one, you can now take advantage of the Rummy Central monsoon offer! All you have to do is the use the code MONSOON20 for an instant cashback of 20% on our site or app. Now, don’t hang around for too long, because this offer is only available to you from the 23rd to the 29th of July.

That’s not all, the games and services on the Rummy Central platform are the only ones to be powered by Artificial Intelligence and Smart Correction, promising an altogether enhanced and accurate experience. Besides this, you will thrilled to learn that Rummy has been designated as a game of skill by the Supreme Court of India, no less and is therefore also not considered to be gambling. So you can play away to your heart’s content. Now, the monsoon can lash away seemingly endlessly outside, while you can be safely contained inside, raking in the cash on Rummy Central.

If you haven’t entered the wonderful and simply amazing world that awaits you at Rummy Central. What are you waiting for? There are some mind-blowing games and thrilling offers just for you here when you register. So register today, and avail of all of these offers, as well as the Monsoon offer where you get an instant cashback of 20% when you use the code MONSOON20 before the 29th of July. So, add more and win more today on Rummy Central!

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