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Twice the Ugadi Fun at Rummy Central!

Ugadi’s here! The atmosphere’s filled with a sense of palpable excitement and thrill! What’s more, everyone’s in a celebratory mood, and at this moment in time, we should take our fun and excitement any way we can get it. Even better, all of us at Rummy Central have the perfect Ugadi gift for all of you, and what’s more, you can be a part of this without having to leave home. Now isn’t that incredible?

It’s 2x the excitement this Ugadi!

Come over to Rummy Central for some amazing thrills, some wonderful fun, and some unbelievable offers! We’ve even gone ahead and doubled your Ugadi joy with not one, but two things to be thrilled about! Now, as part of our Ugadi offer, you can get a guaranteed bonus of up to 15%, and cash back of up to 15% when you make a deposit with the promo code UGADI until the 31st March, 2020! So visit Rummy Central today, and have your Ugadi thrills and excitement right at home this year! Happy Ugadi one and all, let this year be a special one!

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